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Indian Trails Camp

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O-1859 Lake Michigan Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Contact Information


Name: Tim Hileman, Executive Director
Phone: 616.677.5251


Indian Trails is a remarkable facility that brings adaptive recreation to the lives of each camper. It is simple in theory, but daunting in task. Indian Trails offers a barrier-free camp setting in which those with disabilities can participate in all manner of activities the outside world is ill-equipped to provide. It is a place filled with fun, recreation and friendship. Campers learn perseverance, team-work and self-reliance. They leave for home loaded with love, respect, and memories.

Indian Trails accepts campers with a wide range of disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida. Inclusion and mainstreaming play key roles in making campers feel a part of things. With a capacity of up to 84 coed participants per session and serving over 700 people per year, ITC welcomes campers aged 6 to 70 and beyond.
Program opportunities at Indian Trails Camp include organized activities in the area of:

* Recreation
* Ropes Challenge
* Arts and Crafts
* Swimming
* Canoeing
* Archery
* Music and Drama

Additional components of the camp program include:

* Campouts
* Concerts
* Dances
* Hiking
* Hay Rides
* Talent Shows
* Carnivals
* Nature Studies

Each year, Indian Trails Camp hosts a variety of sessions that embody the summer camp experience. While most sessions are based on a "traditional" camp program and are set up according to age groups, other sessions provide a more specialized approach to camping - focusing on a specific theme of activities for varied age groups of campers. Specialty sessions include Creative Camp, Camp Kaleidoscope, Adventure Camp and Leadership Camp.

While summer camp is the main focus, Indian Trails also provides respite opportunities during the fall, winter and spring seasons. Respite weekends offer similar programs to those in the summer but with a seasonal emphasis. In addition, ITC offers Holiday Camp over the New Year holiday. This weeklong program provides campers the opportunity to enjoy activities in great contrast to the summer sessions.

Each session of camp is not only an opportunity for campers to partake in fun but also afford families and caregivers a much needed rest and vacation.


#1 ADULT 18 & UP 6/13-6/19

#2 CREATIVE CAMP 7 & UP 6/27-7/3

RESPITE #1 7 & UP 7/3-7/4


RESPITE #2 18 & UP 7/10-7/11

#4 ADULT 18 & UP 7/11 -7/17

#5 TRADITIONAL 7 & UP 7/25-7/31

RESPITE #3 7 & UP 7/31-8/1

#6 4-DAY CAMP 7 & UP 8/1-8/5


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