The Best Scenes of Camp

April 25th, 2012 by Darren C. Williamson, Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator, Tall Turf Ministries

April is almost over, May will fly by, then it's Camp time!!! 

It feels like not long ago, I was spraying OFF! on myself as I prepared to walk around the camp grounds last summer and see kids partaking in activities that once seemed foreign to their worlds. I saw counselors from different backgrounds whether it be racial or socio-economic engaged together as brothers and sisters in Christ! 

At camp you see things that you would never see in the safe confines of your house and community.  Such as the sun shining on the trees that reflect perfectly onto the lake in the evening.  You can realize that God always has been and always will be!  You can see so many stars in the night sky that you can not help but think of the story of Abraham looking up and counting them.

Yet the best scene that you can see at Camp Tall Turf is when campers from a bad home that normally can't afford to attend camp are seen enjoying these very things with other campers that seemingly have it all back home.  Both of them then realizing that Jesus died on the cross for them, and that he refers to them as His brothers and sisters!

Camp Tall Turf is uniquely gifted in serving youth from a diverse range of backgrounds and economic levels.  The biggest component of how we achieve this is hiring staff from a diverse range of backgrounds and economic levels.  We also strive to provide a safe Christian environment for youtto learn as well as experience reconciliation.



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